Minimally invasive marketing automation 4/6

Right idea, perfect concept, optimal technical implementation. But nothing happens?

Onboarding users - internally and externally - is one of the critical and often underestimated success factors.  

But it pays to go the extra mile! To do this, various services have to be planned and managed. Necessary are:

  • targeted communication
  • training for the responsible users
  • controls and the possibility to react flexibly if necessary

In your daily business it is difficult to find time for conscientious onboarding?  You can rely on us - we will do it for you!   

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Documentation also has to be learned.

Targeted documentation should describe only what is necessary for the desired understanding. Less is more and a picture is worth 1000 words. 

Two good sources on the topic and what you can expect from them:  

The six steps of minimally invasive marketing automation for managers