Minimally invasive marketing automation 1/6

No overview? Mysterious structures? Inconclusive meetings?

If exclusive knowledge is scattered in marketing, a complete documentation of existing solutions and skills is the first step to increase efficiency.  

We create order - we promise!

After a minimally invasive procedure you can:

  • answer detailed questions in your area of responsibility ad hoc at any time
  • speed up processes
  • drive forward problem solutions in a more relaxed and targeted manner

You do not yet have a a viable approch for putting meaningful documentation together? Or do you lack the time for it?   

We will do it for you! Meet us on LinkedIn.


Documentation also has to be learned.

Targeted documentation should describe only what is necessary for the desired understanding. Less is more and a picture is worth 1000 words. 

Two good sources on the topic and what you can expect from them:  

The six steps of minimally invasive marketing automation for managers